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Who are we?

Dorset ME Support Group are an independent registered charity (No.1087393) run by its membership via an Executive Committee of Trustees.  Our principal purpose is to provide practical support to our members – and their families and carers – to counter the devastating effect that CFS/ME can have on their lives.  We do not promote any particular form of treatment – indeed our insurances preclude us giving any advice on treatments – we are not clinicians.

Our main activities are listed on the [Home] page, but we are also committed to promoting local knowledge of the illness, and its prevalence in both adults and children.  In 2007 we organised a seminar and workshop, held at Kingston Maurward, to improve knowledge and understanding of education professionals and social workers of the unrecognised incidence of CFS/ME in children and young people.  The NHS CFS/ME Service for Children and Young People were partners and participants, who emphasised the need for early intervention and the effective therapies available.

We also organise an annual medical lecture by leading figures with knowledge of the illness.  In this way we can offer insights to progress in research and development of therapies.  The lectures are recorded on video and are made available to members to view in their own homes.  The intention is that these lectures, which form part of the Groups library resource, will be made available as downloads from this website.

The Group also has the aim of supporting research into the causes and treatment of CFS/ME.  In practice we do not provide financial support to national projects, but concentrate on local research projects.  The first of these was into the prevalence of those very severely affected by the illness, and their particular needs.  We are currently supporting a pilot project providing a number of Group members with experience in Neural Linguistic Programming to assess its effectiveness and efficacy as a therapy for CFS/ME.

We have a formal Constitution approved by the Charity Commissioners, together with Policies and Guidelines, both of which are currently being reviewed.  When this work has been completed, both Constitution and Policies will be available for view on this website.