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Caring for Someone with ME

This illness is very distressing and confusing to the family and friends of a person who has it.  It is vital that those close to, or who are the carers, of someone with ME, have some understanding of what is involved.  Everyone who becomes a member of the Dorset ME support Group, or attends the NHS CFS/ME Clinic at Wareham Community Hospital and is diagnosed as having CFS/ME, are given a small blue book ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) – Your Questions Answered’ by Frankie and Dr John Campling.

This is a guide for newly diagnosed patients, is written in straightforward, clear language that will also help carers and family members to understand the complexities of this illness, and the particular difficulties that it creates.

Carers are often overlooked, but they have to deal with the everyday uncertainties the illness brings, and their lives can be changed almost as radically as the person with the illness.

This Support Group recognises the vital role that carers fulfil.  They are welcome at all activities and events we organise, and we have a small support group for parents of children who have ME.  As yet we do not have a specific group for carers of adults.  If there is sufficient interest in creating a self-help group for carers to meet to provide some  mutual support, we would be glad to facilitate it.