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How is CFS/ME diagnosed?

There is no definitive test for CFS/ME.  Doctors will normally undertake tests to rule out other conditions that would produce similar symptoms.  If these are negative, then it is a matter of looking for typical patterns and signs that are indicative of CFS/ME.  However, you may find your GP is still reluctant to give a diagnosis of CFS/ME.  This is a common problem throughout the country, and not just in Dorset.

Fortunately, in Dorset we have dedicated NHS CFS/ME services which will undertake diagnosis.  If you, or your child, have been to your GP and have been through the initial testing procedure (and no explanation of the symptoms has been found), and you think  CFS/ME could be the cause, you should ask your doctor to refer you, or your child, to one of the NHS specialist clinics for this illness.  The NHS CFS/ME service for adults covering Dorset also operates in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.