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Living with CFS/ME

We know that living with CFS/ME can be a very frustrating and demoralising experience. The consequences can be devastating, and this Support Group was established to provide something beyond clinical therapies.  We aim to relieve isolation and lack of stimulus by the operation of local link groups and programmes of activities and outings to which members have access. All these are tailored to suit people with CFS/ME, and telephone contact is maintained with those members who are so severely affected that they are effectively housebound.

We also maintain a resource library of books, audio and video tapes and discs with information on CFS/ME. One of the best books on living with CFS/ME was written by Dr Charles Shepherd ‘Living with ME:

  • The Chronic Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome’, published in paperback by Vermilion at £9.99.
  • ‘ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – A Practical Guide by Dr Anne Macintyre (Paperback by Thorsons Health at £9.99) is also recommended.