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NHS CFS/ME Services in Dorset

NHS CFS/ME services are delivered through two distinct and separate clinics, with different funding streams and structures.  With the current major restructuring of the NHS nationally, we have had concerns about the future of the CFS/ME clinics. However, to date the services are continuing and our enquires give us hope that the services will continue into the foreseeable future.  The development of the relationship between Dorset ME Support Group and the NHS CFS/ME is covered in our History.

The Adult Clinic at Wareham Community Hospital

Throughout the period since its inception the CFS/ME Service has run monthly clinics.  Demand for the Service has increased over the years as the presence of the clinic has become known, and also because it has shown itself to be very effective in helping people with CFS/ME.  Referral to the clinic is made through your GP.

Since the Clinic was inaugurated in 1998, we have provided volunteers to assist at each clinical session.  Our volunteers meet patients on arrival, provide information about the operation of the clinic, a cup of tea or coffee and the opportunity to sit quietly, or have a chat.  They see each patient after their appointment to note the outcome and, when a diagnosis of CFS/ME has been confirmed, will offer further information on membership of the Support Group, and the services we can provide.  The Dorset ME Support Group also purchases copies of an excellent guide for newly diagnosed patients – ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) – Your Questions Answered’ by Frankie Campling and Dr John Campling, and a complimentary copy is given free of charge to all newly diagnosed patients at the Clinic.

What the Clinic Offers

Dr Selwyn Richards has been lead consultant since 2001, and has recently been joined by Dr Peter Horne, specialist.  They are supported by 4 specialist Occupational Therapists, a specialist Occupational Assistant, and a medical secretary.  On confirmation of the diagnosis, the adult team offers fatigue management intervention designed to meet the needs of the individual, with the aim of assisting individuals in their recovery and to lead as normal a life as they want, including return to work, education, child care etc.  The clinic also provides:

  • Information about the illness, and how they can help with your recovery
  • Goal setting for recovery
  • Advice on stabilising symptoms and managing sleep problems
  • Help with activity planning and effective resting
  • Help with anxiety and depression

The team have developed extensive expertise in the treatment of CFS/ME and is one of the national Clinical Network Co-ordinating Centres specialising in the treatment of CFS/ME – click for more information about the Clinical Network.

For all enquiries;

Michelle Selby
Head OT Dorset
CFS/ME Services
T: 01929 557560