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UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) – fifth annual science conference

On 19 and 20 September, the UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) welcomed people living with M.E., scientists, clinicians and industry experts to its fifth annual science conference. Here is the beginning of their introduction:

The aim of the CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) is to promote the discovery of the biological mechanisms that underpin CFS/ME, which will drive the development of targeted treatments. The ME Association is an active board member of the CMRC.  There was a very high turnout, which included researchers from the UK and overseas, health professionals, academics, students, people with ME/CFS and carers.

It was two days full of interesting talks, exciting new findings and a general sense of passion for biomedical research.

This is a link to the summary produced by the ME Association (it is a PDF file):

Here is a link to the full introduction on their website:

Also, on the Action for ME website News page more details are available including a link to their YouTube channel which has videos of several presentations from the conference.