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What Causes CFS/ME?

Often it seems to be triggered by a viral infection – glandular fever, chest viruses, flu, and gastric viruses appear to be common culprits, sometimes linked with other personal factors like extreme tiredness or stress.  However, there are other potential sources like exposure to organophosphates and other toxic chemicals; extreme stress or exhaustion without an obvious viral connection, and even surgery.

A lot of research is going on around the world, and it may be that CFS/ME is not a single illness, but a group of similar, or heterogeneous, illnesses with similar symptoms.  There appears to be a genetic predisposition, we have a number of members where others in their close family also have CFS/ME – sometimes a parent and child, or more than one child.  The central nervous system is implicated, and the World Heath Organisation has categorised CFS/ME as a physical neurological illness.