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What treatment is available?

There currently is no treatment which provides a cure for CFS/ME, but a number of therapies have been developed which can significantly reduce the impact of the illness.  If diagnosis is confirmed and you are referred to the NHS CFS/ME Clinic at Wareham Community Hospital, you will be offered a course of therapy and self-help advice tailored to your needs.

We have many members who have been very substantially helped in this way.  Even if you have been unwell for some time and are severely affected, these techniques can provide some relief and improvement.  The local NHS CFS/ME teams are continually updating their knowledge and techniques.

For children and young people who have developed the illness, early diagnosis and expert intervention is crucial.  There is substantial evidence that early intervention makes a real difference to the impact the illness has, reducing the time lost from school, and hastening their return to a near normal life.

Dr Esther Crawley, a leading paediatrician specialising in the research and treatment of CFS/ME in children, considers that children have the ability to ‘grow through’ the illness to reach their full potential when given the right support.  However, it is crucial that the illness is recognised quickly and expert help obtained.  That help is available through the NHS CFS/ME Service for Children and Young People.